When it comes to wearing socks, the playbook is constantly changing!

Socks might seem like just another functional accessory and nothing more, but historically, the rules on sock wearing have been rather rigid and constantly in flux. Don’t wear socks that feature patterns, don’t wear bright colors, don’t show off your ankle, and most importantly of all, make sure your socks are always hidden from the world! 

Lately, the fashion rule surrounding socks has been completely thrown out the window as people start letting their socks peek out from under trousers and through their sandals. We’re starting to see a whole slew of fun colors, patterns, and even different styles creeping into everyday wear. 

How do you start making a statement with your socks, especially when it comes to the former faux-pas of wearing socks with sandals? By following our guide! We’ve got lots of tips to help you style your socks + sandals like a pro.

Where to Find Stylish Socks

If you’re ready to ditch your navy and black socks for something more stylish instead, head over to a brand like Journeys. They have all the latest styles in trendy socks that are perfect for combining with a pair of sandals.

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How to Style Socks with Sandals 

Here are some tips to help you get started in wearing socks with sandals. We know that it’s a divisive trend, but with these easy tips, you’ll be showing off your socks in no time. 

Try Birkenstocks

One of the easiest ways to get started with the socks + sandals trend is with a pair of Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks are universal, unisex, and seem to never go out of style. This hippy style pairs well with a pair of knitted socks in a muted tone like cream or white. It’s a clean and minimalist style that’s easy to combine with a preppy summer look like khaki shorts. 

Not everything matches!

When styling socks and sandals, it’s important to remember that not everything will necessarily match. Just like you wouldn't combine a pair of sporty socks with a high heel, you don’t want to match athletic socks with fancy sandals. Try choosing a more formal pair of socks, like cashmere or lace, to make a true statement.

Avoid flip-flops and sliders

When trying to find the right sandals to combine with your socks, you’ll want to avoid flip-flops and pool sliders. These types of sandals don’t lend themselves well to being combined with socks. Instead, choose a pair of chunkier sandals that match well with socks such as Birkenstocks or Timberlands. 

Choose the right socks

The type of socks you choose is very important for pulling off your total outfit. When choosing the correct style of socks, you’ll want to think carefully about the look you’re going for. If your look is elegant, try pairing dressier sandals with sheer or lace socks. If you’re trying to pull off an athletic look, tube socks are a great choice. 

Show off your personal style

There’s no denying that wearing socks and sandals is a bold trend, so make sure to go all out and show off your own unique style. Trends like this are all about self-expression so we recommend playing with patterns, colors, and styles until you find the look that suits you. If you need some inspiration, try these socks + sandals styling tips from Glamor!